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World Geography

Course Syllabus

John Hanowski



            The course is a two semester required class.  Some students will have me for both semesters and some will not.  We will discuss geographic terms, locations, cultures, climates, the environment and the impact that humans have on global issues.  We will begin with the introduction of the Five Themes of Geography, Maps, Geographic vocabulary and environmental issues.  We will then proceed to explore all of the geographic regions of the world and discuss the Geographic basics of each region and the human impact on the region both physically and culturally.

            The course will be presented in a variety of methods using lecture, smart board slide shows, video clips and full videos, readings from the book, reading from current events and computer assignments which will begin in the library.  We will have map tests and a quiz or test for each unit.  We will have assignments from the book, reading summaries and vocabulary exercises.  There will be some extra credit opportunities also provided.

            Course Units First Semester:

            1-The World-Geography Basics

            2-The United States and Canada

            3-Latin America


            5- Russia


            Course Units Second Semester:

            1-North Africa, Southwest Asia, Central Asia

            2-Africa South of the Sahara

            3-South Asia

            4-East Asia

            5-Southeast Asia

            6-Australia. Oceania, and Antarctica


            Each student will be assigned a book purchased by the district in 2009.  We will ask students to have a book cover on the book, their own personal one or one provided by the school.  The book is titled World Geography and Cultures.  We will use the district grading system with a letter grade being assigned at the completion of the course.


            We have six basic rules for the class:

            1-Be to class on time.

            2-Bring needed materials to class with you when you come.

            3-Turn assignments in on time if you want the points.

            4-No food or beverages in class.

            5-Act the way you want to be treated

            6-Have fun and be open to learning.

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