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Professional Development for Technology Integration

Many teachers find it arduous to learn how to integrate technologies appropriately in curriculum, and sustained involvement is critical for that complex mission. Technology has been appropriately integrated in curriculum when:

1. an outside observer sees the technology activity as a seamless part of the lesson;

2. the reason for using technology is obvious to the teacher, students, and others;

3. students are focusing on learning rather than on technology;

4. the teacher can describe how technology is helping a particular student;

5. the teacher would have difficulty accomplishing lesson objectives without technology;

6. the teacher can explain what the technology is supposed to contribute; and

7. all students are participating with technology and benefiting.

When all of the above criteria are met, a teacher can have confidence that technologies are being effectively applied in his or her classroom (Roblyer & Doering, 2010).

Citation: Cifuentes, L., Maxwell, G., & Bulu, S. (2011). Technology Integration through Professional Learning Community. Journal Of Educational Computing Research, 44(1), 59-82.

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