Teacher-Led, Learner Driven Training Series
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Teacher-Leader Guidelines

Teacher-leaders are assigned to learner groups to facilitate discussions and provide support. The face-to-face sessions are not stand and deliver. With the expectation that all participants view the pre-session material in advance, the face-to-face session should focus on the concept. Some questions that could be addressed are included below and in each pre-session page though out this course. Other questions that may apply to all sessions could be:

Training Series Concepts in General:

  • What is the value of this idea? How much front end work will be required before I start to realize the value
  • How can this idea help our classrooms? Will it hurt our classrooms?
  • Does this idea fit in our classrooms? If yes, where will this idea fit in our classrooms?
  • How can we share these ideas with each other on a regular basis?
  • What do we, as classroom teachers, need for support regarding these ideas?

Learner Assessment

  • What benefits to students do you anticipate in using digital assessment tools like Socrative, Kahoot or Infuse Learning?
  • What benefits do you anticipate for yourself as a teacher in using digital assessment tools like Socrative, Kahoot or Infuse Learning?
  • Discuss how the results of formative assessments of student learning can be used to enrich student engagement.
  • Discuss how the results of formative assessment of student learning can be used to increase student achievement.

A Window For Your Classroom:

  • What are the benefits of “a window into your classroom”?
  • How can “a window to your classroom” increase communication with various parties?
  • What vital routines, terminology, etc. should parents be familiar with to reinforce the habits and procedures you establish in the classroom?
  • How can “a window to your classroom” allow students to demonstrate learning to a larger audience?
  • What other ways do you anticipate this being helpful to you as a classroom teacher?
  • In your presession work, what ideas did you see that would be useful on a classroom site?

Write & Tell:

  • How can a blog offer a window into your classroom?
  • What other instructional strategies can be helped through the use of a blog?
  • Describe some strategies that you might use to organize a blog in your classroom.

This isn't Your Grandma's Presentation:

  • Why does an audience outside of your classroom set higher expectations for learners?
  • How can presentation requirements force a learner past a Google search and copy/paste response?
  • Why do we talk about the Rule of 5 in a presentation?

A Recording is Worth 1000 Words:

  • How can assessments be developed to allow for more than just paper and pencil?
  • What makes pictures and video such a powerful medium?
  • Why do we as humans engage with photos and videos so much?
  • How can these methods of demonstrated learning answer the need for differentiated learning opportunities and respond to diverse learning styles of our students?

Bring "That" Unit:

  • What is your largest concern with this lesson or unit (lack of student engagement, student inability to master the content, desire for more authentic assessment methods, etc)?
  • How can the ideas previously covered improve your worst lesson or unit?
  • How can your students help? How can other teachers help?

Next Steps:

  • What parts of this training series have you found to be the most beneficial?
  • When you think about next school year, how can the District best structure instructional PD for you?

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