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Here are some keywords that you will help you know a little bit more about LFCS!

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Day of Caring

Day of Caring is a high school volunteer program for seniors, homebound or disabled individuals and individuals living within the city limits of Little Falls and Randall, who need assistance completing outdoor household projects.

For more information: Day of Caring



Education Minnesota Little Falls is the local branch of the state teachers' union - http://emlf.weebly.com/


Flyer Pride

The focus of Flyer Pride is to provide a clear and consistent system of expected behaviors for the entire school.

Respect, Responsibility, Positive Attitude and Safety

For more information: Flyer Pride


The Flyer ID is your primary Little Falls Community Schools issued login credential (username).

For more information: FlyerID


Inter-school Mail

If you need to send mail to another building in the district, grab an envelop (like the one pictured below) and fill out the name and building. There will be an "inter-school mail" basket in the main office of your building.

Inter-school mail envelope



Basically, how your laptop remembers things when it is turned off.


Non-volatile random-access memory (NVRAM) is random-access memory that retains its information when power is turned off (non-volatile).



Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota. <http://www.mnpera.org/>

Personalized Learning

is the tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments by learners or for learners in order to meet their different learning needs and aspirations. Typically technology is used to facilitate personalized learning environments.


A special spot where some Macs save date and time info.


PRAM (parameter RAM or parameter random access memory) is a special battery-powered form of random access memory in certain Macintosh computers where vital system information such as the date and time are stored.

Project REAL

Resources to Engage All Learners (Project REAL) is at its core, a project about two things:

1. Training our staff to teach to the needs of all students.


2. Providing each student with the skills to be productive in the future.

Project REAL

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