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Weekly outline

  • Jan 27-31

    Jan 27

    Sketchbook assignment #1 (Due Friday)

    Discuss Value and Line

    -pencil control
    -create value scale

    DEMO basic form shading

    -practice shading techniques


    Jan 28

    Continue practicing shading basic forms

    Change light sources and choose more complex objects


    Jan 29

    Observe basic Still Life

    Demo thumbnail sketches
    Discuss composition (Emphasis, Rule of thirds)

    Create thumbnail sketches of stills life


    Jan 30

    Review thumbnails and choose strongest composition

    Begin line drawing of still life


    Jan 31

    College sketchbook assignment

    Continue still life - begin to add values

  • Feb 3-7

    Feb 3

    Decide on final composition

    Pass out final drawing paper and begin contour line drawing

    Remember to map!  Do not continue until everything looks right!


    Feb 4

    Finish contour line drawing

    Begin to add value to still life


    Feb 5

    Work time - continue adding value to the still life

    Establish due date - Friday?


    Feb 6

    Final work day!

    Continue still life

    Discuss major grading components

    • Values (6-8)
    • Proportion
    • Composition


    Feb 7

    Turn in Still Life

    Intro to texture

    DEMO scratch board

    Work time - find final idea for Monday


    Next Week:

    Continue scratch board!

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