Teacher-Led, Learner Driven Training Series
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  • Teacher-Led, Learner-Driven Training

    This is an 8 part training series that was developed with the goal of helping our elementary staff prepare for the fall of 2014. For more details visit our site: Teacher-Led, Learner Driven.

    In order to access all resources Little Falls Community Schools staff will need to log into Moodle (upper right of the screen).

  • Video Attendance

    Beginning the week of February 10, 2014 (7:30am) there will be one 30 minute session a week for 15 weeks in each LFCS elementary building. Each session will provide an opportunity to be exposed to, practice and deploy new concepts, skills, tools and resources.

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  • Learner Assessment

    How can learners demonstrate what they know?

    "Before you enter ANYTHING into your gradebook ask yourself  "Does this reflect S lrng, or does it reflect S doing?"
    via Twitter @MicheleCorbat @edunators

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  • A Window For Your Classroom

    Wonderful things are happening in your classrooms everyday. This session will focus on how this "window" can benefit your classroom.

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  • Write & Tell

     “Too often, feeling intimidated becomes our excuse not to be awesome.” 
    Scott Stratten (@unmarketing

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  • This isn't Your Grandma's Presentation

    Let's talk about design principles and presentation skills. More often than not, animations and transitions become distractions.

    Never assign "nouns" (e.g. make a Powerpoint), assign "verbs" (e.g. make an effective presentation). Let students choose their own tools. via Twitter @marcprensky

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  • A Recording is Worth 1000 Words

    Have you ever had trouble explaining something in an email so you just called the person to answer the question?

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  • Bring "That" Unit

    What unit do you and/or your students struggle with? Let's work on that one!

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  • Next Steps Discussion

    Let's assess your needs as we move forward towards the 14-15 school year.

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  • Connecting Globally

    What can a window do for the classroom? What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating a two way portal that allows learners to communicate?

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  • Items that Need a Home

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  • Templates

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