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Weekly outline

  • What is Art Journaling?

    What is an Art Journal?

    This course will focus on the art journal as a creative medium.  Students will combine text, imagery, and layers of background decoration techniques to create interesting and meaningful works of art.

    Each week between one and three pages may be due.  The class culminates in a final project of decorating the cover of the book.

    Students will choose between structured and self-directed prompts to direct the composition of their journal pages.  Students will have the freedom of material choice and personal theme direction.

  • The Idea Chart

    Learning Goals:
    1)  Students will create an idea chart to catalog thoughts and ideas.
    2)  Students will set goals for their journal.

    Students fill out Idea Chart to help generate a direction for their journal.

  • Creating the Book

    Cover and Spine

    Learning Goals:
    1)  Students will begin to understand what a finished journal page looks like.
    2)  Students will be able to stitch a Japanese bind for their journals.

    Here are some examples of what finished pages may look like

    What is emphasis?  What does emphasis look like in our journal pages?

    Work time
    Ensure students understand to take a critical eye ate their work - just because the page is covered doesn't mean its done
    (12:00 shows finished page)

  • The Background

    Learning Goals:
    1)  Students will understand different possibilities and mediums for journal backgrounds.
    2)  Students will be able to use various mediums to create their pages.

    Remember to use LAYERS in your backgrounds!  The links below provide AMAZING resources for background ideas and show you how to create each one.  Have fun browsing the possibilities!

  • Imagery


    Learning Goals:
    1)  Students will understand how to use imagery effectively in their journaling.

    Tips for Successful Use of Imagery in Your Journal

    1.  Create EMPHASIS with SIZE and PLACEMENT
    2.  Arrange your images according to the RULE OF THIRDS
    3.  Choose images relevant to your theme
    4.  Vary your images (some from print, some hand drawn)
    5.  Try unusual combinations (cut out multiple images and piece them together)

  • Text


    Learning Goals:
    1)  Students will be able to understand how to use text effectively in their journal pages.

    Tips for Strong Use of Text

    1.  Create EMPHASIS with SIZE and COLOR

    2.  Use text to create an image (above)
    3.  Pull words that fit with your theme
    4.  Choose words that have personal meaning

  • The First Page

    The First Page

    Learning Goals:
    1)  With prior learning students will be able to create their first journal page using effective background, imagery, and text.

    How to Start Your First Page
    1.  Choose your theme

    2.  Sketch five possible compositions for your first page - remember to use movement, the rule of thirds, and emphasis in your work to add interest.
    Turn these sketches in for credit.

    3.  Decide on your final page and solidify the text and images you would like to include.

    4.  Begin your first background layer

    5.  Remember to use multiple layers!


    Artist's Statement:
    What were you trying to achieve on this page?  Do you think you were successful?  Why or why not?

  • The Remainder of the Journal

    Build Book 

    Spread 1 (Jan 31-Feb 8)

    Choose 1
    1.  Your choice
    2.  Design a page based on your favorite song or poem
    3.  Design a page based on a geometric grid
    One spread DUE Feb 8th

    Spread 2  (Feb 11-14)
    Choose 1
    1.  Your choice
    2.  Design a page where you use at least 10 different materials
    3. Design a page based on your favorite place
    One spread due Feb 14th

    Spread 3 (Feb 19-22)
    Choose 1
    1.  Your choice
    2.  Theme:  Text as an image
    3.  Theme:  Messages in your life
    4.  Theme:  Who am I?
    One spread due Feb 22nd

    Spread 4 (Feb 25 - March 1)
    Choose 1
    1.  Your choice
    2.  Create a collage (theme of your choice)
    3.  A personal narrative of yourself
    One spreads due March 1

    Spread 5 (March 4 - March 8)
    Choose 1
    1.  Your choice
    2.  A trip you remember
    3.  An irony
    4.  Create a spread with a cutout design (theme of your choice)
    One spread due March 8

    Spread 6 (March 11 - 15)
    Choose 1
    1.  Your choice
    2.  A spread based on your favorite animal
    3.  What do your angels and demons say?
    One spread due March 15

    Cover (March 11-20)
    1.  Your choice
    Cover due March 20th

  • Idea Generator


    What is something you know is true?

    What are some happy times you've had?

    What are some sad times you've had?

    What are the things you love in life?

    What is something you know is true?

    Imagine your inner critique as a monster.  Illustrate him or her.

    Choose one word.  Fill the page with that one word.

    Journal Examples


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