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Weekly outline



    Please answer thoughtfully the following questions in paragraph form.  A paragraph means 5 complete sentences, correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and meaningful thoughts.

    Please complete the Student Engagement Survey and the Learning Goals/Targets Survey.  The links to both surveys are below.

    Email your responses to me by 12pm.  msyoung@lfalls.k12.mn.us

    1.  (10pts)  Take a moment to enjoy a beverage and a snack with your teacup/mug and plate.  Paste a photo of your beverage and snack filled pottery in the email.  Consider how stable your pieces are, the volume of liquid held, the feel of the handle, the thickness of each lip, and the ease of picking up your plate.
    What seems well built and functional about your piece?  What would you change if you could?

    2.  (5 pts) What parts of this course worked well for you?  What parts of this course would you like to see changed?

    (15 points total)

  • The Big Ugly

    Project #1 - The Big Ugly

    Learning Goals:
    1)  Students will review coil and slab building techniques.
    2)  Students will experiment with various methods of producing texture.
    3)  Students will experiment with different glaze combinations.

    Big Ugly

    Project Requirements

    1. Be made from 50/50 slabs and coils
    2. Have at least 3 curves
    3. Have at least 3 textures
    4. At LEAST 10 inches tall
  • Pop-Art Slab Box

    Project #2 - Pop-Art Slab Box
    Learning Goals:
    1)  Students will learn how to replicate objects using slab building techniques.
    2)  Students will learn how to utilize a template when building a clay form.

    Slab Box


    Step 1.  Write down five ideas of objects you use every day.  Choose your favorite object (remember it must be a container) to create a slab container.  Sketch that object from all angles.

    Step 2.  Create a paper template of your object.  You may need to enlarge or shrink your object to make it easier to work with.  You should aim for your largest side to be about 6-9 inches.


    Step 3.  Roll slabs and use the template as a stencil to cut out your pieces.  If you pieces curve, prop them into that shape and let them dry slightly until they are leatherhard.

    Step 4.  Allow the pieces to reach leatherhard consistency.  Attach them together by slip, scoring, and welding the seams.  Make sure to add a thin coil in every seam to attach them together.

    Step 5.  Once each piece is attached, add decorate by having areas of high relief and areas of low relief.  Add slab pieces for high relief and carve areas away for low relief.

  • Wheel Thrown Project

    Project #3 - Tea Bowls
    Learning Goals:
    1)  Students will understand form of bowls/teacups and how they relate to function
    2)  Students will be able to for a very basic bowl shape on potter's wheel with mostly even thickness.
    3)  Students will be able to trim a flat bottom onto their bowls/teacups.

    Tea Bowls 1

    Tea Bowls 2

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