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  • General


  • Start Here!

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  • Starting the Year

    These are the materials which include critical procedures for new teachers of special education and which can serve as "back-to-school" reminders for existing personnel.

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  • MDE Corrective Action Plans

    This is where materials can be found that highlight the identified areas of improvement for our district from the MDE Due Process Monitoring process.

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  • Formative & Summative Assessments

    This is where you will find resources regarding state tests, curriculum based measures, formative assessment in general, and data collection.

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  • Special Education Evaluation

    If tiered instructional efforts result in limited student learning or if highly structured learning opportunities need to be implemented for long period of time for learning to be achieved, special education evaluation needs to be considered.  The processes around special education evaluation in the Little Falls Community Schools are outlined in this section, including the role of the SPED Evaluation Team.

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  • For the record...TSES & Updates

    This is where you will find the LF TSES Manual as well as a compilation of other due process updates created periodically by Christina Bemboom in response to MDE updates, questions from teachers, or other important due process clarifications.  If a link does not open when you click on it, right click on it and select "open link in new window."

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  • Instructional Planning

    This is a compilation of instructional resources that can be applied in the RTI process to determine if students are experiencing an instructional gap or if they have a life-long disability.   These materials may apply to Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III instruction.  Students who are successful in Tier III instruction but who will need that level of support throughout their academic careers may need to be evaluated to determine if they have a disability.

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  • Behavioral Resources

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