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Topic outline

  • American Government

  • Power and People

    Why do people create/ accept government? What is sovereignty?

    What purposes should governments serve?

    What are some features of different governments? How are they related to economic systems?

  • Revolution to Constitution

    What was Britain's political past, and how did it influence America's future?

    Cause and effect: the American Revolution.

    What were the Articles of Confederation and why did this system fail?

    How did the Framers compromise to create the Constitution?

    What are the Federalist Papers, and how did they impact ratification?

  • The Constitution

    How is the Constitution organized? What are the key principles in the document?

    What are the basic powers of the three branches of government?

    How is the Constitution responsive to changes in society and the people? What are some of these changes?

  • Federalism

    What is federalism? What are the the specific powers that are held by the national government, and those held by the states?

    How is the relationship between the states regulated?

    Why is the debate regarding national powers versus states' rights relevant to the current political climate?

    What is the relationship between federalism and political parties?

  • Topic 5

  • Topic 6

  • Topic 7

  • Topic 8

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