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Prerequisite: # 3230
No. 3232 & 3233 Course Credit: 2 (5 college credits) Grade Level: 12
Must have earned the college credit in pre-calc, to be eligible to earn the college credit in calculus.

This very rigorous college level course incorporates all previously mastered mathematical topics.  The course and its pacing are established in coordination with the CIHS program. Every concept covered will build upon the previous one; it is very important not to get behind. Students begin with a quick review of Algebra (function notation and binomial expansion), Geometry (formulas) and Trigonometry (unit circle and trigonometric identities). Students will work with the Cartesian plane to develop the concept of limits and their properties. This study leads directly to the concept of differentiation, related to equations of tangent lines to curves, velocity, acceleration and other rates of change. Utilizing the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, the student will study indefinite and definite integrals and their applications. Areas of study will include logarithmic functions, exponential functions and trigonometric functions, techniques of integration, methods of finding volumes of rotation and surface area. Shell and disk methods of integration provide students an opportunity to visualize three-dimensional mathematics. A major goal for the course is to empower each student to leave with a broad base of interest and knowledge to succeed in future mathematics study at the college level. A student may also earn college credit, provided that he/she meet those requirements.