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No. 1700 Course Credit: .5 (3 articulated CLC credits) Grade Level: 9, 10
Meets .5 credit for Fine Arts Standards

In Digital Photography students will learn how to use a digital camera, what the various functions of the camera are and how to take better quality pictures. We will cover information on resolution, shutter speed, the various picture taking options: nighttime, landscape, action, etc. The students will learn how to use the camera, the way the camera was meant to be use. The students will learn how to take better pictures using the Rule of Thirds, and other set-up methods. We cover the history, the influence and the importance that photography has played on our lives. The students will be working in the Studio Lab on the computer software Adobe Photoshop Element. They will learn special techniques such as cropping, corrections, cloning, and painting to improve a photograph.