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Prerequisite: # 1226 No. 3230 & 3231 Course Credit: 2 (5 college credits) Grade Level: 11, 12

Students need to pass 3230 in order to receive college credit.
Need ACCUPLACER Score in College Math of at least 50 in order to receive college credit.

This course is highly recommended if you are attending college (or to a vocational school in a high tech field). Pre- Calculus provides a review and solidification of Algebra. Special emphasis is given to graphing with the graphing calculator. The continuation of this course will cover trigonometry. It will study radians, the unit circle, trig functions and their inverses and trig identities. Other topics covered are matrices, sequences, series and probability. 

Pre-Calculus is a solidification of algebra and a thorough look into Trigonometry.

This course is a lead into Calculus.