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Business & Criminal Law

No. 1621 | Course Credit: .5 | Grade Level: 11 - 12

Any student interested in the criminal justice field or interested in learning more about the legal system in the U.S. should take this course. The emphasis of the class will be on the legal right and responsibilities as a citizen, how the court system works, personal injury law, criminal law, alternative dispute resolution, employment law, capital punishment, contract law and DUI law. Students will spend one morning at the Morrison County courthouse observing cases and procedures.

Computer Applications I (CAP I)

No. 1600 | Course Credit: .5 | Grade Level: 9 - 12

CAP I is more than a typing course, it is a course that provides lifelong personal, business and technology skills through increasing your typing ability and familiarizing yourself with word processing software. Course content will include: (1) typing skills (2) formatting word processing documents (3) creating business documents and (4) using templates with Microsoft Word. This course is designed to be self paced and all time will be spent on the computer. This course will be evaluated on quality of assignments completed as well as number of assignments completed. See Computer Applications II for information about receiving college credit for this course.

Computer Applications II (CAP II)

(Prerequisite: No. 1600 or Instructor Approval)

No. 1601 | Course Credit: .5 (3 articulated CLC credits) | Grade Level: 9 - 12

This course is designed to allow students to gain experience in desktop publishing, presentation software (PowerPoint), spreadsheet applications (Excel) and databases (Access). Desktop publishing includes creating brochures, flyers, calendars, and advertisements. PowerPoint will be introduced as presentation software where students will develop skills in animation, transitions, synchronizing music with their slideshow, and creating templates. Excel will have students use a spreadsheet to create charts, graphs, web pages, and basic mathematical functions. Access allows individuals to create queries for organizing a database. Other topics will be included as time permits. CAP II is an articulated course with Central Lakes College meaning a student who completes CAP I and CAP II and earns a ‘B’ or better in both courses can receive 3 articulated college credits. You must take CAP II as a junior or senior to receive the college credit. This course meets a requirement of the Bridges Business Management Academy.

Economics in Business, No. 1630

No. 1630 | Course Credit: 1 | Grade Level: 12

(This course meets the Economic standards for graduation)

This course will focus on how economics affects you as a consumer and eventually an employee or business owner. Content will be on worldwide economic systems, supply and demand, market structures, production costs, labor unions, government spending, taxes, unemployment, poverty, income inequality, globalization of business, the Federal Reserve, inflation, and the cost of goods and services throughout the U.S. Students will develop a better understanding of economics through class lectures, independent reading, small group activities, research, and projects. This is one of the courses a student can take to prepare for DECA competition. This course meets a requirement of the Bridges Marketing Academy.

Introduction to Game Design

No. 1603 | Course Credit: .5 | Grade Level: 10 - 12

Students will be introduced to one of the fastest growing industries in technology. Designing video games and computer programming focuses on the invention, collaboration, problem solving, design, marketing, and critical thinking skills of gaming along with using computer skills to create some of the most innovative products on the market today. Students will learn about the creation process and how basic computer programming can be useful in increasing employment opportunities for the future.

Introduction to Marketing 9

No. 1612 | Course Credit: .5 | Grade Level: 9

Intro to Marketing is a fun and informative class that is designed to introduce the student to the most successful business systems in the world. Marketing drives the world economy and its business operations and management. Any student who is planning on entering the world of work or attending a post-secondary school for business should take this course. Emphasis will be placed on the marketing segmentation, target marketing, brand development, product life cycle, developing new products, distribution, research, pricing strategies, and developing a marketing plan. This is one of the courses a student can take to prepare for DECA competition. This course meets a requirement of the Bridges Marketing Academy.

Money Management Skills

No. 3623 | Course Credit: .5 (1 college credit) | Grade Level: 11 - 12

This course introduces students to basic money management skills so they will make informed decisions in managing their personal finances. Topics include understanding the student loan process and obligations, creating a budget, debt management, use of credit and credit cards, credit reports, checking and savings accounts, banking basics, insurance issues, choosing an apartment or house, renting or leasing, buying and maintaining a car, purchasing a cell phone, developing a personal financial plan and setting financial goals. At the completion of this course, students will work on a computer simulation that applies the content learned in the course and takes students through the first few years of life on their own. This is one of the courses a student can take to prepare for DECA competition. This course is available for college credit through the College in the Schools (CIS) program for those who are eligible.