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Prerequisite: # 1114 & 1115
No. 3126 & 3127 Course Credit: 2 (3 college credits) Grade Level: 11

Advanced College English/Literature is a course offered for college credit through our College in the High School Program (CIHS). The course will involve the study of modern literature as well as classical literature. American, British, and world novels will be studied along with poetry and short stories. Work outside of class will be frequent, as classroom time will be devoted to discussion and analysis. Your grade will be based upon written analysis, classroom discussion in both small and large groups, oral presentations, and exams. Vocabulary study and ACT preparation will also be a component of this course. Students may not take 3127 unless they have passed 3126. 

Intro to College Literature focuses on the novel.  Thematically, students will explore a given novel while making connections with short stories, poetry, and nonfiction.  Upon successful completion of this course, the student will earn three college credits from Central Lakes College in Brainerd.